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Updated: May 3, 2019

Everyone wants to throw the perfect party and no matter the occasion, it can be stressful and time consuming. You can plan ahead but that doesn’t mean it will go as planned. We’ve all been there. Maybe you realized you were over budget or you just felt like there wasn’t enough time in the day to get everything set up before the time of the event. Maybe you invited too many people and realized you just didn’t have enough food. Maybe you had a different image in your head as to how you wanted the decorations to look. t the end of the day, party planning is overwhelming. You may feel the party didn’t meet your expectations but it can be a huge success if you take the steps to plan ahead appropriately. Here are a few tips to plan a successful party without being overstressed and over budget.

Use a planner to stay organized and on track.

Always give yourself enough time! If you know when the occasion is ahead of time, it makes it easier to prepare. I personally like to plan ahead 3 months in advance starting with picking a theme, choosing the guest list, purchasing decorations and creating an itinerary for the event. Your itinerary should consist of finding the right place for the event while keeping in mind how the weather will be near the date of the event, food, drinks, games and entertainment, the perfect playlist to please everyone, photography to preserve those memorable Pryceless Moments, mapping out the decorations, creating a gift registry, finding the perfect gift for the recipient, and don’t forget the party favors for your guests to take home. When it comes to sending out invites, stick to the people who need to be there. Don’t feel obligated to invite Aunt Barbara if you haven’t seen or heard from her in years. Parties can be costly. You need to budget! Sounds like a lot to do but with 3 months to spare, you can plan accordingly without wanting to rip out your hair!

Planning your itinerary will be a breeze as long as you do it with ease!

Planning your itinerary will be a breeze as long as you do it with ease! Three months gives you ample amount of time. Every week, focus on one specific thing you’d like to achieve towards the party. As you start to see all of your tasks being crossed off the list, you will feel so accomplished and relieved that you didn’t wait til the last minute like usual. By the time everything is checked off you’ll have a bit of time to enjoy yourself. You will be so proud! All that’s left to do is wait for the big day and make it your bitch!

If you’re on a serious budget and are planning your party at your residence, you can really make it look nice spending the least amount of money for decorations. I’ve done this method every single time and it’s looked perfect. The dollar store may be cheap but they actually have pretty decent stuff when it comes to plates, cutlery, cups, napkins, balloons, table covers, serving bowls and serving spoons. It’s all about how you execute it. You can jazz it up with extras but it’s not always about having way too many decorations. People just want to have good food, a good time and good conversation. If you are making the food for the event, prep the night before so it makes game day easier. Get your fruit and vegetable trays ready. Make the deviled eggs, pasta salad, potato salad, basically get all of your side dishes out of the way. But the best tip of all: If someone asks you “do you need help?” Yes! Actually, an extra set of hands will help you more than you know! Do not let your OCD take control. LET OTHERS HELP! Tell them what you need. Don’t try to take it on alone if someone offers their assistance. You’re already doing enough.

I really like using Pinterest to get ideas for food, games and party favors. And if you don’t have a music streaming app, there’s always YouTube. Have a variety to meet the needs of everyone attending. Keep it clean and upbeat. This will make for a great time and is a sure way to get your guest excited about being there (more than they were upon their arrival) Keep to a tight schedule when breaking up the events of the day. Start with appetizers. Allow everyone enough time to meet and greet. Make sure you’re not busy running around doing last minute things so you can mingle and entertain. Make the guest of honor feel important and make sure they are smiling! People will be taking photos so you want to make sure you give yourself enough time to get yourself together as well. When you are ready to get the games going, grab everyone’s attention. You want this to be fun for everyone! And let’s not forget about the presents. You’ll want to do this after the games because everyone is already having a great time and if there are lots of presents, it can be a bit tedious to get through. During this time, just walk around and make sure everyone is comfortable and ask if they need anything. If your party runs later than the time stated on the invite, that’s ok. It happens. Just make sure you are cleaning up as you go so you don’t have too much to worry about when it ends. Planning a party is never easy but you can have a fabulous time if you plan ahead!

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