How To Let Go

Updated: May 3, 2019

Letting go of the past can be extremely difficult. It’s hard to forget some of the worst moments in our lives. It’s never easy to let go of things we’ve worked so hard for or put so much time and effort into. We lose sight of what is most important and that is being able to let go so we can be free of the pain, free of regret and in turn, we get to live a peaceful life. It all starts with forgiveness of the damage that has been done and realizing the signs to prevent future let downs. Everyone makes mistakes but only you control the outcome. How do you let it define you? Do you learn from it or do you allow it to consume you and lead you down a path of no return?

People are capable of change; most are scared but some live for it. The fact though is that everything in life is constantly changing. Nothing remains the same. We as human beings are forever changing. We change our clothes, hair, school, phones, jobs, cars, home, friendships, relationships and the list goes on. We may not always look at these things and think of how much it will impact our lives but everything we do reflects upon who we are as individuals. Part of change is letting go of negative things that take up too much space in your life. They distract you from your future and hinder your growth. Embrace the changes. Each day is a new day to set a goal and find ways to achieve them but you can’t do this if something else is holding you back from your ultimate potential. You have to set aside your personal feelings and just handle the problems.

For example, you are in a toxic relationship and you’ve been holding on for years hoping that things will get better. You do everything you can to keep the other person happy but don’t take time to care for your own happiness. You don’t want to start over because you’re comfortable or you are afraid to let go because you don’t want to hurt the other person. The truth is that you are only hurting yourself. And, it’s not that you are afraid to leave. You are really just scared of what’s next. Starting over is the scariest part. Maybe you think you won’t find anyone else or maybe you believe you’ll never love again but just take a look at all of your previous relationships that you believed would never end and when it did you were heart broken and devastated. You felt hopeless and completely lost. But eventually with time, you found someone else who you realized you could love just as much or even more and then the person you were with before becomes a memory of your past and just like that, we’ve let go and moved forward with our lives.

We never take a moment to remember how we’ve let go of things previously because what’s happening right now is current, except your emotions are the same as how they were before. You find yourself in the same situations with different people and you don’t know how to break the cycle. LET GO! If it’s not working you cannot force it. Again, people are capable of change but you shouldn’t stick around if you don’t see a positive change happening consistently. There will be mistakes made along the way but if someone is truly trying to change to become a better person, you will notice a difference in multiple aspects of their life. If you’re holding on to someone who says “I’m really trying” but you see the same behavior repeating like clockwork, they are just telling you what you want to hear to keep you where you are. They are not capable of changing, at least not for you because the boundaries have already been crossed and they are comfortable because you’ve allowed them to do this to you time and time again. The next time you say you’re going to leave, mean it. Do it for you because if you don’t let go, you aren’t trying to change either.

In order for the world to operate the way it does, change has to happen. You have to keep moving forward just as the planet. It’s what makes the world go round. Your world needs to spin just as the earth. Care for yourself above all else. Let go of all the things that are weighing you down so you can find peace in your own environment. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself is it really worth it? Tomorrow is a new day so wake up and take charge of your life. Do not be a victim anymore. You deserve the world! Say you are done and be done. The only way to move forward is to let go.

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